LJ M7000 Power Stabilizer & Guard

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LJ M7000 Power Stabilizer & Guard

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M7000 Power system Guard and stabilizer is a powerful intelligent timing device with DSP aprocessor; it integrates the functions of a variety of conventional products in a cabinet 1U rack.
The 2-inch color LCD smart display window can display the current voltage, date and time, and channel switch status in real time. 8-channel switch channel output, each delay opening and closing time can be set freely (range 0-999 seconds.)

Built-in clock chip, can set the automatic switch machine according to the date and time, without manual operation. Support cascading sequence control of multiple devices, cascading automatic detection settings.

Configure 232 interface, support external central control equipment control. Each device has its own ID setting and detection, which can realize remote centralized control. 10 sets of device switch scene data are saved/recalled, and the scene management application is simple and convenient. Under-voltage, overpressure detection and alarm.


Rated output voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
Controllable power supply: 8 channels, plus 2 output auxiliary channels
Delay time of each action: 0 to 999 seconds
Power supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz 30A
Status display: 2"TFT color real-time display of current voltage, date, time, and the status of each switch
Single-channel rated output current: 13A
Rated total output current: 30A
Timer function: Yes
Gross weight: 6KG
Packing size: 53641080mm (mm)