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LJ Microphone M6005 series 3

LJ Microphone M100 details

Dynamic microphone designed for low-pitched voices , with inbuilt diaphragm has high pickup sensitivity, and excellent sound quality. Suitable for press conferences, conference speeches, professional recordings, television broadcasts, and car parades. Total secure with All Metal enclosure preventing it from fall impact ,static electricity and eliminates radio wave interference from high-frequency devices such as mobile …

LJ Microphone M100 Series

LJ Microphones M100 Series

The M100 microphones are ideal for backing vocals, guitar, wind instruments and many other applications. Metal case and wire mesh grill for exceptional ruggedness. The M100/P M1004 are dynamic handheld microphones for lead vocalists. The super cardioid polar pattern guarantees for utmost gain before feedback and makes the voice cut through the mix more easily. …