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Our Story

Optic Technologies, has its roots in early 2010 when the industry was at its infancy stage. At its inception, the founder had a vision to disrupt the multimedia conference industry and deliver top-notch services to customers which also provided value. Accordingly, he set out on a journey that has brought the company to a full service company in the industry enjoying both local and international clientele.

Growing the company to where it is today has not depended on a magic wand. The founder has travelled far and wide across the globe to make this happen. Optic Technologies has made strategic partnerships in the industry. This has enable it to remain at the forefront, standing tall and shoulder to shoulder to big players in the field. As the industry continues to grow, to company remains well positioned to making customers stories thrilling.

Reliability & Innovation

Upon entry into the industry, the company had to make very deliberate decisions. One of those was either to choose to accept the status quo or to bring disruption. Optic Technologies chose the later. To this day, the company continues to work closely with its partners to ensure customers have access to the latest technologies in the industry. In some cases, Optic has originated some of the technology while in others, it has contributed immensely to the body of knowledge that produced cutting edge products that customers enjoy today.

But what good would innovation serve if it was not reliable? Reliability is a key deliverable at Optic Technologies. We do not just craft products that wow our customers, we also make sure that they are functionally available when needed to be. Our portfolio speaks to this. Customers far and wide have entrusted us with being their only service because they know that our work is our word. Infused with quality, customers can rest assured of value.