delivering reliable, innovative conference technology

Optic Technologies has a strong vision to be a leading Audio Visual Technology provider in Africa . We harness our expertise to deliver reliable and innovative conference technology.

We pride ourselves as being the leading provider of professional audio conference solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings. Our solutions include: video conference systems, multimedia conference system, professional sound systems & video surveillance systems.


our cutting edge products

At Optic, we believe that quality starts right from the equipment you deploy. Which is why we craft cutting edge products to ensure top-notch project delivery.

LJ DSP 80808 front

DSP 80808

DSP0808 digital audio processor is audio processing and control system. It includes advanced DSP processing technology, with new adaptive feedback, echo, and noise cancellation. A generation of network audio processor, integrated with low-delay Audio-Link module, provides 8 input, 8output, all connected to the network port.


M7000 Power system Guard and stabilizer is a powerful intelligent timing device with DSP aprocessor; it integrates the functions of a variety of conventional products in a cabinet 1U rack.
The 2-inch color LCD smart display window can display the current voltage, date and time, and channel switch status in real time.

LJ M7000 Power and Guard Front

our work is our word

Over the last 19 years, we have earned a reputation for putting quality and innovation at the center of our project delivery. It is for this reason that customers keep coming back to us. From governments, agencies to private organizations, we have always committed to producing nothing below stellar results.